Miss Universe Pageant Brings Patriotism, Controversy and a Beautiful American Redhead

With the Miss Universe pageant to be held just a day after the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it seems that it is bringing a surge of patriotism for those who would otherwise not have as much interest in the event. But I’ll get back to that shortly.

In the meantime, the pageant that has been plagued with controversies off and on over the years, has had their first scandalous occurrence. Miss Columbia, Catalina Robayo, apparently wore a miniskirt sans underwear, and photographers were there to capture the Britney Spears like incident.

Ceremony co-host and Bravo executive vice president, Andy Cohen, commented, “She’s coming into this with some people who maybe already have opinions about her but, you know, what she’s got to do … she’s got to be even stronger. She can’t lose her confidence. She’s really got to wow.”

Perhaps Robayo’s faux pas will be to the benefit of our Miss USA contestant, Alyssa Campanella. As I peruse the many comments about the nearly 60-year old beauty contest, I find many hoping that Miss USA will be named the winner because our country deserves the crown on the anniversary of one of the worst event’s in America’s history.

I don’t think she should be given the crown just for that reason, but the beautiful Campanella, is a gorgeous redhead. When’s the last time we had a redheaded Miss Universe? I can’t recall any, and if there were, it was decades ago. As a natural redhead, I’ve got to root for Miss USA.

Not only is Campanella a redhead, but she’s a “huge science geek”. This stunning woman could change the way we think of beauty pageants, and the typical ditzy blonde image must of us have. Miss Columbia certainly doesn’t do much for the intelligence of the show.

Patriotism aside, a smart redhead who is well spoken does a lot more for America’s image than a Spears wanna be does for the Miss Universe pageant.

If Miss Universe was a reality show with a call-in vote option, I would say redheads unite and vote for Campanella, but we’ll have to rely on the judges taste for this one.

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