Moonlight Yogurt and Deli in San Rafael, California

Going to school in central San Rafael, I do get to try a large number of food options for lunch, but even with all the lunchtime options San Rafael has to offer, I find myself walking time and time again down to Moonlight Yogurt and Deli. Located on 1815 4th St # 5, San Rafael, this uncrowded and low priced deli provides some of the best sandwiches to be found in all of the area.

Walking from the West End Center Parking Lot, nothing about Moonlight looks to spectacular. Staffed by two people and never very crowded, the deli does not come off as having good food. This assumption however, is quite the contrary. After paying just over five dollars for a sandwich and a drink, the short wait is well worth it.

The menu Moonlight offers is not the largest, but it does boast a large amount of options for its size. From basic meat and cheese type sandwiches to BLT’s and falafels you can not go wrong with any choice of food. Even though all of the options are great, some stand out more than others. Perhaps the best rueben I have ever had I bought from Moonlight. As well as the rueben, their BLT is to die for. All of these great sandwiches are priced at just around five dollars, making it the perfect low budget lunch spot.

Overall, if your looking for a tasty, cheap, and easy lunch The Moonlight Deli is the place for you. If your looking for a place to have a seat for a while, Moonlight may not serve you well. On the whole though, Moonlight is one of the best places in San Rafael to go pick up a good lunch at an affordable cost.

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