Please, Ban Kids in Restaurants!

Since I am a mom, one would think that I would be against restaurants banning young children. Surprise! I am so for it. For you parents, who do not agree with the ban, who are cursing me out right now, let me explain myself. I think I might be able to change your mind regarding the ban. As a mom of two little ones, ages three and one, I can say that I have quite a bit of experience in this area. I have been that mom at a nice restaurant with kids going berserk. It is no fun for all parties involved.

When my husband and I actually get a chance to go to dinner, we like to pick somewhere nice. For example McCormick and Schmicks or even Lawry’s (if I’m lucky). The restaurants vary in price but we try to pick restaurants that are aimed towards adults. If I am going to spend good money on a good dinner, there is nothing good about screaming kids. We specifically are out to dinner to get away from our kids and kid’s stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids dearly. But if you are a parent, you know what I’m talking about. We need the time away, alone, to unwind with each other. I want to focus on my husband and the shrieking at the next table is just going to remind us of the chaos waiting at home. And note to parents, your kids do not want to be at some restaurant that isn’t fun for them.

Now, I do not think all restaurants should do this and I do think there should be an age requirement. I believe that higher end restaurants should implement this ban. And as far as the age requirement goes, I think it’s up to the restaurants discretion. I’m pretty sure that most 3-8 year old children do not eat Kobe Beef Carpaccio. Like I said before, I have been that mom with a 2 year old in Lawry’s Beverly Hills location. And they probably should have asked me to leave. No one was enjoying their dinner including myself. What I should have realized before hand, if there is no kids menu, then kids shouldn’t be there. Do your research.

If you really want to take your family out to dinner, there are many kid friendly restaurants. If you walk in and they hand you crayons and a coloring page, you are golden. There are restaurants like Johnny Rockets or Red Robin that are built for the family atmosphere. There loud music drowns out any screams. So whether it’s your kids or someone else’s howling child, it is easily disguised. My kids are those crazy, won’t stay in their seat, throwing food on the floor, obnoxious ones that I write about. I tell the truth when I say I speak from experience. I have been embarrassed many times and with 2 kids I think long and hard about what restaurant we will be choosing for dinner. So parents save yourself the embarrassment and stick to family friendly restaurants with your kids. And when you get a chance check out a restaurant with the child ban, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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