Polyneuropathy: Acute Cause & Treatments

Acute health conditions are a leading cause of emergency medical care in the United States. For many working adults seeking out treatment for emergency complications, the primary health complaint often comes accompanied with some sort of nervous system or neurological deficit. If you are suffering from sudden nerve pain all over your body, this could be a sign of a complication known as polyneuropathy, for which medical treatment should be sought immediately.

Polyneuropathy is a disorder that can be progressive and appear in patients who have a medical history of spinal cord disorder, complications involving back injury, or even a medical risk for developing or living with diabetes. In these patients, polyneuropathy develops over time and, in most cases, a physician can identify the early warning signs and begin treatment immediately.

When nerve pain all over the body develops suddenly, without any underlying cause, there is a need for emergency medical treatment (Latov 45). In many cases, this type of complication is attributed to an infection or a toxicity issue within the body for which medical treatment will need to address. With blood work and nerve conduction studies, the underlying cause of polyneuropathy can be confirmed in the emergency room and medications prescribed. Polyneuropathy, therefore, is the symptom of a greater health complication.

While inpatient hospital admission may be requires for some patients of polyneuropathy, if your condition is attributed to an acute infection, and if prescription medications can be purchased at a pharmacy, then your doctor will most likely not recommend that you be admitted to a hospital. In some cases, however, hospital admission is necessary to administer IV antibiotic therapy or to continually monitor the progression of nerve complications in the body. With hospital admission, you’ll have access to a healthcare team that can address and further deterioration in your condition.

Like many neurological health complications, the complications involving polyneuropathy are often related to an illness. If you do not have a progressive disease, and if you have not been afflicted with a back injury or a complication involving your metabolic system, then always seek out emergency medical treatment for any neurological complications that arise suddenly and without warning. A doctor should evaluate and confirm, or rule out, an infection that needs to be treated immediately.

Sources: Latov, Norma. Peripheral Neuropathy. Demos Medical Publishing. 2006. Print.

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