Rainbow Poem in Free-Verse – Feel Mother Nature’s Awe

Rainbows combine surprise with awe
Lovely and evanescent and so, so magical
The perfect gift to all after the rainfall
Where do you come from, Rainbow?
And why will you leave so soon?

The rainbow and its surreal glow
Where our dreams and yearnings dwell
Deep in the center of the sweet blue hue
Or maybe in that rich, green center
So many ways to read the rainbow

Tell all the children to come out and see!
Red and Orange, Yellow and Green!
In just a few moments it fades away
Blue and Indigo and Violet and sky
And its enchantment swiftly slips..goodbye

The sun pulls away the rainbow, too soon
But it leaves behind a lonely, gray moon
And the rainbow is sleeping somewhere
Safe and quiet, perfection hoping to be released again
And restlessly, but only to gladden us after a downfall

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