A Platonic Valentine

Valentine’s Day always bothered me in high school. The entire day revolved around romantic relationships and required routine. Girls received flowers and other gifts from male admirers while boys were expected to plan something romantic. Valentine’s Day is a miserable holiday when you seriously contemplate it. It reminds some single people that they are not in a relationship. It can also compel those in a relationship to reflect on the status of their current relationship, which can have mixed results.

Valentine’s Day is a day celebrating love, but the type of love celebrated is not exactly specified. Just think of all the different types of love out there. There is the love a parent has for a child, the love a child has for a parent, the love a sibling has for a sibling, the love a friend has for another friend, the love one has for a roommate, the affection and appreciation a student has for a teacher, and many other kinds of love that are purely platonic. Valentine’s Day should be about commemorating all of these types of love and affection, not just amorous love.

Another problem with our modern Valentine’s Day is that a great deal of the thought and care that goes into this holiday should not just be limited to one day. The recognition and cherishing of a relationship should ideally happen every day. Perhaps not in large, dramatic gestures but in small, everyday ways that let people know that you care. This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to observe and appreciate all of your wonderful relationships, not just the romantic ones.

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