A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

10 6 11 Folks A rising tide raises all ships.

From Plato to Alexis de Tocqueville to Alexander Tytler there is consensus that the life expectancy of a Republic is directly affected by human frailties, proclivities and greed. It has also been noted that the erosion of noble ideals and the incremental infusion of Socialistic or autocratic ideas require only around 250 years to reverse the flow of authority from the people to government; an isolated footnote in the annals of civilization but an eternity of sacrifice for men who strive to achieve their highest potential.

And so it is that people, professors, historians and political reporters observe and draw unsettling comparisons between the American Republic and bygone societies which have charted the course to extinction before us.

I cannot for the life of me take issue with the accuracy and predictability of diversions from the basic concepts of a Republic America continues to accept. We are, according to historians, 235 years down the road on a 250 year journey to oblivion.

None of the prognosticators of yore, from Plato to either of the Alex’ had the benefit of foresight. They could not envision how the nations of the world would develop and grow 100 hundred, 200 hundred or a thousand years in the future. With all due respect I disagree that our fate is inevitable and will mimic the fate of failed Republics before ours.

What will become of America if we continue on the path to Socialism? Of course Islamic Fascists are riding our descent with the expectation that our fall from grace will elevate them and result in Sharia Law replacing civilized law; an expectation that can only be borne on the maniacal horns of fanatical fervor. When Conservative values regain favor in America these Dark Age vermin will crawl away like wounded jackals and await their next opportunity to wreak misery and hatred on new prey as well as themselves.

A realistic appraisal of today’s world paints a far more optimistic picture than historians and contemporary realists project.

America is the last prize of World Order Fascist promulgators. The other pieces of their puzzle, all of Europe, have drained the life blood out of their productivity and are themselves on the verge of collapse. America’s productivity and immense resources can breathe new life into their diabolical plans. From where I sit, if America doesn’t soon succumb to their all out effort to transform us, Europe will disintegrate amid failed ideas, policies and rescue efforts and their plans will meet eternal damnation.

To defeat America and take absolute control of our system of government it may be necessary to defeat 50 states, one at a time. I don’t think the current agitators prepared for that exigency, but the Constitution lives as a God inspired blue print for self determination, etched in stone.

So where are the historians with evidence of failed Socialist states? They are not needed. Without a productive society to cannibalize, Socialism has no wealth to redistribute and no legitimate scheme to vie for acceptance among men of good will.

Socialists do not plant fruit trees; they show up in time for the harvest to decide how many pickers the farmer must have, how much the pickers should be paid and how much fruit government must be given to distribute to those who will not plant or pick but will sing the praises of a government that feeds them. Each succeeding crop is diminished accordingly.

If Europe’s destiny is mass poverty and America follows suit, what will become of the East? Who will China steal from to feed their hordes? Who will pay the enormous debt China holds over the heads of their trading partners? Can China subsist on homegrown Rice forever? And will Arabs learn to drink the oil that bubbles to the surface? How many Chino Russian/Japanese wars will be fought in Korea unchecked by American exceptionalism and sacrifice? Except for a few radical exceptions where dictators tie their existence to European and American economies, most South Americans will sing cumbayah, whisper manana and live off the land.

In short. It is more likely that the world will reject Socialism as America resurrects itself as a functioning democratic Republic, than America will submit to failure and join the European model. Our greatest days are ahead of us but the lessons of history mustn’t be dismissed. If we are to change the course of history we must learn from the mistakes of the past, realize how close we have come to extinction and build in new precautions.

The next election is the most important event that will take place for the world. It was the spectacular growth of the American economy that generated a higher standard of living for Europe and most of the Orient after two world wars and despite the inability of European nations to emulate the American model.

An informed electorate can change the course of history. Awareness is a shield stronger than steel.

It is America’s time once again.

God Bless America.


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