Blouse Make Over Without Sewing

Maybe you like to sew and maybe you don’t. Maybe you sew sometimes but just haven’t had the time recently. No matter what your own personal scenario, you can put the machine – if you even have one – away, because you won’t need it. There’s a quick and easy project anyone can do to change the look of a blouse or other garment without sewing. You can create any number of designs on a blouse to make it look new without actually buying one.

Most any blouse is a candidate for this project unless it’s a blouse that is covered with ruffles. Just cut strips of material and attach them – without sewing – to the blouse, from shoulder to hem. Cut strips of leftover fabric and use hem tape to attach them. The hem tape is found at any fabric store and is really easy to use. Double-sided hem tape is simply placed down the desired area of the blouse, then a cloth strip is placed on top of it, and you’ll simply iron it according to package instructions.

Make stripes which are all alike or combine fabric patterns and colors to add more than one stripe – of different colors – to each side of the placket. Instead of fabric pieces you can cut strips of lace or even pieces of ribbon. With the hem tape, no matter what design you want to make, you’ll just iron it in place. Of course, the pieces you cut, no matter if they’re ribbon or cloth, should be the width of the hem tape for best results.

Although two or more stripes down the side of each placket is an adorable look there are many other blouse embellishments you can create with the hem tape. Make ribbon stripes around long-sleeve cuffs, make a tic-tac-toe design on the shirt, or even spell out a name using the tape to make block letters.

Launder any clothing item that you wish to add the hem tape to so that it doesn’t shrink later – even the tiniest amount – and cause the tape, and therefore, your design, to crinkle.

The hem tape makes it easy to hide a small stain so that you can get more use out of the garment. It’s also perfect for the person who just enjoys making existing garments look different. And, when you use this technique you can do either in minutes.
Striped Blouse with Hem Tape

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