Bowl Yourself a Strike at the Jewel City Bowl in Glendale,California!

Looking for fun in Glendale,California?When you hear about the landmarks in certain cities, you might hear about The Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas or the Statue of Liberty in New York, but when it comes to Glendale, California you keep hearing talk about the glamorous Jewel City Bowl. The Jewel City Bowling Alley is without a doubt the place for pure family fun. Some people take their kids to arcades, the movie theater, and countless other places just so they could escape boredom. Well let me tell you, boredom will not be in the vocabulary of Glendale residents while this bowling alley is around.

In Glendale, almost all the residents have been bowling. I guarantee anyone who has been to Jewel City bowl will come out with laughs of Joy of how they won with the final “spare” they had. I know I have. I recently visited Jewel City bowl for my brothers eighth birthday. So why not Chuck E. Cheese? Well because Jewel City is fun for the whole family! Every hour, they turn on a light show so the bowling ball would look more like a disco ball adding a smile to my eight year old brothers face.It won’t stop there. They have foods from all over the world at their Jewel City Cafe. They have everything from tacos to pizza to sushi. I ordered pizza with buffalo wings and I almost wanted to stop playing so I could eat more of their scrumptious food. Maybe your not the “bowling type”, in which case they have a highly functional arcade and gaming room, which includes a billiards table, “foosball”, and a room with Playstation 3 consoles. To my bewilderment, the arcade and gaming room was completely empty, probably because everyone was having a blast bowling a strike. I could not stop bowling. It was very addicting. I never dropped the twelve pound bowling ball from my hand. Even when I would lose a game, it didn’t take any encouragement from others to get me to play another round. My brother received free bowling lessons and five free bowling games complimentary for him celebrating his birthday there.

So overall, I had a blast and would go back anytime. If anyone asked me how to have a fun time in Glendale, That’s the first place I would recommend. I have never seen anyone with a frown on there face while they were at this amazing alley. This is one of those things in life where the owner is doing it partly because of the income and mainly because of the smiles he see’s on peoples faces. I would say this is one of the best bowling alleys across the state.

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