Brother and Sister Sex: Siblings Arrested in Scotland for Engaging in Sex Act in Train Elevator

A brother and sister caught having sex in train elevator? That’s what happened when two young people in Scotland were caught doing it in a train lift over the Labor Day weekend. 21-year-old Richard Finalyson and his sister, Kirsty Finalyson , 18, were arrested by police at Motherwell Station after CCTV cameras captured the pair engaging in sexual intercourse, The Scottish Sun reports. It’s a disturbing case of siblings sex.

It’s unlawful to have sex in public as a legal couple, but siblings going at it? Talk about a new one!

The cameras caught Richard and Kirsty Finalyson exiting the lift after they were inside for 15 minutes. They returned a short time later to have sex again. Both have admitted to having unlawful sex as of June last year.

What made the tryst even more mysterious was the fact Richard gave his sister a $20 note. On camera, it appeared as though the he gave Kirsty money for sex, but she insists he gave it to her as a brother, not for sexual payment.

Naturally, the family is devastated , according a family friend. If the parents had no indication such behavior was going on between their children, it’s understandable that this would destroy a family dynamic.

Source: The Scottish Sun

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