Budget Substitutes for Shower Gel

At upwards of two dollars a bottle for inexpensive varieties, shower gel is a luxury for many. A single bottle goes a lot faster than a simple bar of soap, but it is a treat that some do not mind paying extra to enjoy. Others simply cannot afford it, especially moisturizing varieties that smell absolutely heavenly. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on products for bathing and showering. In fact, budget substitutes are often the answer. If you are not hooked on the names of specific products and are willing to try something new, use these budget substitutes for shower gel. These are just as good as or better than expensive products that are depleted in a matter of days.

Use Budget Shampoo for Extra-Dry Hair

A budget bottle of shampoo can be purchased for just one dollar, and it is one of the best budget substitutes for shower gel. Since it is gentle on the scalp and hair, it will be gentle on the skin, especially if it is meant for extra-dry hair. Best of all it come in dozens of colors and scents, and a little goes a very long way.

Buy Bars of Designer Soap to Use as Substitutes

Bars of fragrant designer soap can be more luxurious and smell much more appealing than the top brands of shower gel. When looking for substitutes, search for rich, moisturizing soaps. A single bar will last far longer than a bottle of shower gel, and although it will cost more than ordinary bar soap it costs less than typical shower gel. Look for unique scents and bars that include soothing goat’s milk and cocoa butter. After using these fragrant budget substitutes you will not miss shower gel ever again.

Make your Own Shower Gel Instead of Using Substitutes

When trying to save money by using budget substitutes for shower gel, consider making your own. Grate a favorite variety of bar soap, and place it in a blender along with just enough water to form a thick liquid. Blend the soap and water mixture until it is smooth, and add a little cocoa butter moisturizer, if desired. Pour it into clean squeeze bottles. These budget substitutes will save a considerable amount of money while satisfying the need for luxurious showers with fragrant, moisturizing shower gel.

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