Burger and a Shake

Midtown is full of hotels, expensive shops, chic restaurants and corporate offices. But what if you’re looking for an elbows on the table spot. Can you find one here? Good News….you can.

Island Burgers And Shakes is a intimate spot that serves up…yes burgers and shakes. But don’t be fooled, the options are massive. I recently dined there when hunger took over. I didn’t have a lot of time and wanted something quick and easy. I entered the narrow restaurant, scoped the tables in the back and decided to grab a seat in the front at the bar.

I was handed a menu from the charming server behind the bar and was blown away by the choices offered. Yes they serve mainly burgers, chicken sandwiches (Churascos) and shakes, but with the volume turned up. The left side of the menu are burgers and the right – chicken. I’d say about 30 options for each. Gee…I’m so hungry, how will I choose?

I turn to my server for help because I can’t decide. Burger or chicken? Oh my! After a quick chat, I decide to go with a chicken sandwich. But not just any chicken sandwich….THE TIJUANA.

Picture it….a chicken cutlet pounded thin on a sesame roll with sauteed onions, bacon, melted jack and guacamole…oh my! I stare at it a moment to map out my plan of attack. I cut it down the middle, pick up half and prepare to feast. I take a bite…juicy, juicy, juicy. Crunchy, salty bacon, sweet onions and creamy guacamole. Woohie….it has a little kick from the jalapeno peppers. My vote…DELISH!!!!

If you want a soda or iced tea, you’ll be handed a can or Snapple bottle. What about chips? Cape Cod served in a basket. Kitschy.

I will warn you, the prices are between $8 – $12 and sides are sold separately. I know you’re thinking….that’s a bit high for Cheapeats. Let me challenge that by saying……THE PORTIONS ARE HUGE!!! I barely finished my sandwich and took my chips to go. I measure portions and value by whether my hungry brother would be satisfied and I’m positive he would.

Island Burger and Shakes is the little restaurant that could. Next time I go, I’m getting a shake and bringing a friend to share.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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