Busan Train Station

A recent favorite picture of mine is one that I took during my first full weekend in South Korea. Before the start of my work week, I traveled south to the coastal city of Busan where trends of western culture rave. My Sunday afternoon was spent at Haeundae Beach where many tourists spent one of their last few days of summer.

Because South Korea has a population of approximately 50 million and it is so small in size, very few people own vehicles. The main method of transportation in Korea is by bus, taxi, or train.

This picture that was taken in the late afternoon at the Busan Train Station, I felt captured the cultural atmosphere of the present day in South Korea: the life of traveling on weekends by train, their recent industrial and technological advances seen in their infrastructure, the buildings placed so closely together, the beautiful mountains still prevalent throughout the country, and, finally, the asian-culture feel of the photo.

This photograph was taken because photography has recently become a hobby of mine. Upon my recent move to South Korea, purchased a DSLR camera in order to capture my experiences. This was not a photo that I had planned to take before my trip, though at the moment I felt it was a good location to capture a great perspective for others around the world to see.

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