By Summer’s End

I’m all wound down.
Ra has removed his crown.
The new season’s breeze nip at my heels.
I shiver with delight, loving the way it feels,
Cooling my over-heated nerve.

In the air, there’s a new sound-
An infectious energy going around-
Preparing for Winter’s chill.
Deep in it’s icy heart, there’s a warm thrill.
A touch of cheer, within cold cores, the holidays serve.

Good tidings to all is no happenstance,
When there’s love and joy and the drink and the dance-
A laugh from him and a smile to her.
In the house, there’s a big ‘ol Douglas fir.
On the round glass you see the fire’s glow.

By winter’s freeze our glee’s enhanced.
By snowflake’s swirl our soul’s entranced.
On the hearth lay a genial cur.
He dozes to the fire’s sway and pur.
And so on, and so on, and so.

By summer’s end we’re gearing up-
For winter’s chill to fill our cup;
For the dinner’s we eat and the meat we sup;
For Santy Claus to just show up.

The sun has backed away from us.
Relieved of it’s intense focus,
In our fireplace we’ll seek solace-
From the chill of the winter solstice.

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