Caller Id, is it Really Helpful?

Everyone is excited about Id, especially me. It is a great feature to know who is calling you. But there are disadvantages to it just as there are to many other things in our life.

I find that as long as there are hackers there are problems with any system especially the phone companies whether they are cell phones or not.

For an example, I have no idea if this has happened to you, where one day my cell phone rings and on my caller id it indicated that I was getting a call from 9-1-1 Emergency number. Now, mind you I never called 9-1-1 so there would be no reason they would call me back. They left a message for me which was one of these hackers that got my number and for 4 years have been bothering me. Now, I have no idea how these hackers get into the Emergency system to use that number. That number should strictly be used for Emergencies.

I find these people are good because I get calls from numbers that have been reported for illegal purposes. I also get calls from numbers that when you call back they phone company tells you this is a non working number. Which I cannot figure if it is a non working number than how did someone call on it. I also get calls from this number 000-000-0000. Now, really who has a number like this. These people really do not want to get caught in there abuse of the consumer.

They tell you to report to the do not call registry which I have and some how some way they find a way to get the number. So, truely what do the registry do when you file a complaint. To me it seems they do not do anything. I still get these calls.

Is your caller id a friend or enemy? You decide.

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