Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

Knowing the right daily calorie intake to lose weight for your body is a challenge to many people. Many “fitness consultants” out there give you an exact amount of calorie intake so that you can lose weight by eating within that range.

Well, numbers like cutting down 500 calories a day, or perhaps eating only 1,400 calories a day may sound like a solid plan, but I’m here today to tell you that these might not work for you.

What Had I Done Wrong That You Shouldn’t Repeat?
A couple of years ago, I was a 21-year-old girl who weighs just a little over 70 kilograms (154 lbs). Well, I know what you are thinking – an out of shape girl won’t get much attention from guys in the pub!

I was not an active girl back then, and would try my best to avoid exercises if possible. So, my main strategy to lose my embarrassingly excessive fats was to cut down on my diets.

Suggestions such as cutting down 500 calories a day, cutting down 1,000 calories a day, or perhaps consuming only 1,400 calories a day, are already a norm all over the internet, and I won’t even bother going through all those details with you today.

I tried those methods, and it worked a little initially. I lost about 5 kilograms and I was very happy about that result. But what I didn’t realize was those that hit me later on.

As a result of taking off excessive amounts of calories from my diet (which means I ate a lot lesser than I did previously), my cravings started to build up.

After 2 months into the program, I started to cheat and went on binges after binges. Before I knew it, I’ve regained all the lost weight.

I then realized that 500 calories a day is simply too much for my body to handle. This calorie reduction count might work for some people, but certainly it didn’t work on me. I need to find a reduction count that is tailor-made to cater to my body’s requirements.

What Is My Secret System To Calculate My Daily Calorie Intake To Lose Weight?
I will share with you the exact system that I’ve learned from an online weight loss program, and the one that I have practiced and successfully taken 35 pounds off my body!

These are the four steps that I follow to determine my daily caloric intake to lose weight:

Know your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Know your Activity Level. Calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Calculate your calorie reduction.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
— BMR is a calculation of how much calories your body burns to maintain your normal bodily functions, such as respiration and digestion. This is the basic minimal calories that you will burn in a day.

Activity Level — As most of us know, an active person burns more calories than an inactive person. So, it is important to know how “active” you are. Activity level is expressed in factors that are used in the next calculation.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) — Multiplying BMR with Activity Level will give you your TDEE. This is the amount of calories your body burns every day. From here, you can then go on to the final step.

Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake To Lose Weight — The most effective calorie reduction is approximately 10% – 20% of your TDEE. For example, if your TDEE is 1,900 calories, then you should reduce your daily caloric intake by anywhere between 190 calories to 380 calories.

This system of calculating your daily caloric intake to lose weight is much better than the “one count fits all approach” because of the following three reasons:

The reduction is tailor-made to suit your body requirements so that you won’t reduce your caloric intake to a dangerously low level (a reduction within the 10% – 20% threshold is fine). This reduction will keep you away from hunger and your appetite satisfied, and thus, lowering the chances of you going on binges. This system does not require you to adhere strictly to a fixed calorie count. As long as you eat below your TDEE, you have already created a calorie deficit!

Here’s A Gift For You…
I have prepared for you a detailed explanation on how to execute each of the steps above in one of the articles that I’ve posted on my website.

Also included in my article is a FREE Daily Caloric Intake To Lose Weight Calculator that I’ve developed exclusively for my readers to help them execute this system.

Here’s the link:

Be sure to read that article to learn more on how to calculate your daily calorie intake to lose weight!

Also, if you require further explanations or have inquiries in mind, I can be reached at my website’s contact form. My name is Selina Jolie, and thank you for reading!

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