Celebrities Are Just like Us — They Get Attached to Their Pets Too

COMMENTARY | It is quite common for any pet owner to establish a strong bond with her/his pet, therefore getting attached to it. Even celebrities are not immune to this feeling.

Thursday, Miranda Lambert lost her best friend of twenty years, her dog Dixie. “My dog died Thursday. My parents just told me,” she tweeted Friday. “Headed now to bury my friend of twenty years.”

The country singer also lost her human best friend and father-in-law, Dick Shelton, in a tragic car crash at the start of this new year. My heart goes out to Miranda Lambert and her husband, Blake Shelton, in their time of losing three living beings most dear to them.

But the show must go on for Miranda Lambert. She and her husband are expected to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to sing “America the Beautiful” to kick off Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI.

Thursday was also not a perfect day for Kirsten Dunst either. While Ms. Lambert lost her beloved pooch to death, Ms. Dunst’s cat Tazzy went missing that day.

The actress was spotted on the streets of Toluca Lake, California with her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund, hanging up flyers that read: “LOST CAT, Name: Tazzy, GREY/WHITE NO COLLAR, PLEASE HELP US FIND HIM, REWARD”

Both Dunst, 29, and Hedlund, 27, was dressed casually for the search and rescue mission in sweats, t-shirts, and zip-up hoodies that should enable them to move quickly and easily if Tazzy should streak across their path.

My thoughts are with Kirsten Dunst and I hope that she manages to find her beloved cat, Tazzy, safe and sound. I hope she doesn’t have to find out, with Tazzy, what it feels like to lose a pet for good. Goodluck Kirsten!

This is just one way to see that celebrities are just like us. They too get attached to their pets enough to shed tears over them in their passing and to spring into action when they go missing.

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