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Corporate world today is very competitive in every way. Everyone should go and grow with the fast innovations. Large and progressive companies should acquire the new and latest model of machineries to have more production and of course to increase their sales. Some renovate their buildings so that others will look up at them and see the improvement of their business. Other companies acquire new service vehicles for their field group, so that others will declare them as improving. But nearly everyone acquires those through loans from the banks and pays it with big interest.

The problem will arise when they cannot pay their obligations on time. The interest alone is not only a hundred thousand dollars but it is millions of dollars in one day. So, finance group are the ones who will look for CREDIT SOLUTIONS and find ways to get CREDIT REPAIRS of the huge interests. They will request the bank for re structuring their accounts and sometimes hire experts to reassess their credit score so that they can get another loan from other banks to pay the interest of the overdue amortization. Even if they achieve their sales goals they are still at a loss because of the large interests they paid from their loans.

Frequently, top management CREDIT SOLUTIONS is to save:

1. Retrenchment of personnel- there will be an evaluation of job description of each personnel or worker. Positions which have duplication should be reduced to one person. Result, labor and salary will decrease. 2. Rent to other business establishments part of the building – since the personnel were reduced, space for work will be reduced too and rent to other business establishments part of their building. Result, the company will have additional income from rental. 3. Decrease the use of electricity, office supplies and fuel supply- this is what we call austerity. Strict implementation of the regulations imposed, use of computers and all electric facilities will have a time limit. The use of office supplies have restrictions too, use the back portion of the unused document for internal communications, if necessary, practice the paperless transactions and use only the soft copy as your source document. The last but not the least, everyone must plan the trip for the day so that you can save gas.

Above CREDIT SOLUTIONS that was imposed by the company is not effective if the employees will not cooperate with it. Plans must be implemented and then it will be monitored. Reports must be submitted and analyzed if it was effective and will be the basis for the next planning session. In that way, we will know that our CREDIT REPAIR implemented was effective.

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