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You Know It’s An Excellent Dealership When:

As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by a friendly face. You will meet several other people while your sales person is getting information together for any car you may be interested in. Did you ever go into a grocery store or a department store and the sales clerks are less than friendly to the customers? This is something you will never find at a quality car dealership. They want you to buy their product today and they want you to come back for the next car you may want or need. If they are not accommodating and let you know you are appreciated, you will not be back. They know this and do not want to lose you as a customer.


Most car dealerships in New Jersey are closed on Sundays. NJ honda has seen the need for extended hours and has filled that need. Accidents and break-downs do not ask what day of the week it is, to happen. A dedicated staff of trained mechanics is there to care for your vehicle, whether the problem is a dead battery or someone backing into your rear fender. New Jersey Honda is meeting your needs whenever they arise.


The array of colors and styles at NJ Honda just boggles your mind. Prices are very competitively priced and you probably will not find a better deal anywhere. The compact little beauty of a Honda Fit can be had at a price starting at fifteen thousand one hundred seventy five dollars. You can find a car in every color, every price range, and every model, in short, everything that suits your personal style. New Jersey Honda has not only passenger cars to offer, but trucks, suvs and vans as well.


Whether you are computer savvy or not, a website that lets you navigate to anything you are interested in concerning their cars, makes life easier. New Jersey honda’s site has links to every area of their business. Click on new inventory and an entire fleet of brand-new cars is at your fingertips. The “specials” link will connect you with that week’s special in car prices. The finance departments can be accesses through the internet, avoiding the long wait at the finance office or embarrassing questions that you’d feel more comfortable not having to answer face-to-face.

Giving the customer the option to schedule his own repair appointments is another plus through the website. NJ honda gives you the control of when your time permits car repair or a tune-up.

Trading In

This is an important feature of any car dealership. Your present car is your equity which you want to use as a down payment for a new vehicle. Many dealerships today are less than enthusiastic to take a trade-in as a down payment. NJ Honda is far too customer oriented to discourage such a long-standing all-American practice. the trade in is fairly evaluated according to its Blue Book value, mileage, general condition, interior as well as standard features versus a luxury edition. New Jersey Honda is the place to go for a great deal.

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