Leo,Guardian of the Garden

Leo surveys the garden, his domain if you will

Enjoying the shady leaf

Cool, calm and still

He allows himself only a brief rest

Before continuing his task

Of keeping my garden free of unwanted pests

The squashbugs fear his attack, the aphids tremble in his glare

No invader is ever safe

From being Leo’s dinner fare

I wonder of his thoughts, behind his unblinking eyes

Does he function on instinct alone

Or could he be very wise

I first saw him in the spring

The garden fresh and new

Where will he go now, what will winter bring

I wish he could sleep through the winter season

Like a bear, cozy and warm

I fear for Leo, I worry about him freezing

I have come to think of him as a friend

Of his future I have no control

I only hope to see him again

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