Why do people need catheters

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Urinary catheters are sometimes recommended as a way to manage urinary incontinence and urinary retention in both men and women. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-need-catheters ]
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Do all catheters need lubrication?
Fourteen years! My heavens! You should use a lubricant. The new lubricants out now have antibiotics and pain killers in them to help prevent pain and infection. If you have enough length wrap the catheter around your thigh and anchor it wit…
How often does the catheter need to be changed?
Catheters can stay in for about a month as long as it is not leaking or having crusty areas around it near the urethral opening. You should wash the urinary opening at least twice a day while the catheter is in place. Change the catheter by…
Why does your child need a tunneled catheter?
Some children have IV needs that exceed what a PICC can do. Some may need a catheter for a prolonged period of time – generally greater than 3 months. Others may have a need for extensive blood draws for laboratory tests that may exceed wha…

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how many people in the UK have urethral catheters inserted and why? sex and age statistics if possible?
Q: I am undertaking a research paper on the number of people that have catheters inserted over the age of 60 years in the UK and hopefully get figures for local towns or cities.
A: If you want statistics, Yahoo answers is probably not the place to get them because the data will be skewed.What you are really asking is:How many people who own a computer, use it during the day, use Yahoo Answers and just happen to be online now use a catheter. You’ll find very limited responses.Also, if you are looking for people over 60, this age group do not use computers very much.There must be other ways to collect your data? BTW my grandmother has a stoma bag. She has it because her bladder was removed due to cancer. Does that help? She’s 87.
Why would someone need to use catheters outside of a hospital?
A: Persons with spinal cord anomalies from birth defects like myelomeningocele, or spinal cord injury suffer from a “neurogenic bladder” whereby the bladder does not empty completely. This condition leads to infection. So they are taught to do intermittent catheterization, a procedure they perform several times a day.Intermittent catheterization is often preferable to an indwelling catheter.
Why doesn’t god provide new catheters for people
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