Saving Money on Gardening Supplies and Plants

Many of us enjoy gardening and delight in savoring our home grown vegetables and tending to our beautiful flower gardens. Gardening also provides us with valuable exercise but the cost of gardening supplies and plants can put a dent in our savings. Here are some excellent ways of saving money on your favorite hobby.

1. Certain garden centers usually sell broken bags of soil. They cost significantly less than the regular bags. Broken bags are slightly damaged bags or have tears. Consequently, the price has been lowered. Ask an associate for these bargains when shopping. Associates can also give you valuable information on sales and future discounts.

2. Plants that were bought and have shriveled up or damaged can be returned at certain garden centers with a copy of the receipt. These plants will be refunded with gift cards or exchanged for other plants.

3. Join a gardening club in your neighborhood or city. You can meet other fellow gardeners who can give you valuable information on caring for your plants for free. Also, you can learn about new plants, latest techniques and enjoy field trips at a discount rate. Some gardening clubs hold annual plant sales where members can obtain a discount on their purchases.

4. Certain online websites usually allow gardeners to sign up to become product testers. However, a fee is required to become a tester. Usually the individuals receive tools, and other gardening products to review, rate and keep for free.

5. Certain plants such as African violets can be grown from leaves. As a result you do not need to purchase the plant. Just obtain a few leaves from a friend. Place leaves in a pot filled with soil and water every day. Eventually it will become a plant. Ivies usually grow from cuttings. Just place cuttings in a pot filled with soil and water. These usually make excellent houseplants.

6. You can swap seeds and plants with friends and save money instead of buying them in stores. Most peppers can be grown from seeds.

7. Choose hardy plants to landscape your yard and that will withstand harsh weather. Mexican heather and ferns make excellent plants and require very little care. Suriname Cherry plants make very good hedges in tropical climates.

8. Mix hot sauce and dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. Spray plants to prevent bugs and other insects from eating your vegetables and fruits.

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