Scams on the Internet

Use common sense. If they say they can pay either by check or money order, but then ask if you have an active checking account, that is a problem. I would never give my checking account number in response to an email. Why aren’t they using PayPal; they already have your email address, which is all that you need in order to send someone money through PayPal? There are too many games being played on the Internet.

If it is a legitimate job, why do they answer your inquiry so quickly, and why do they want you to go to a different website and fill in a job application all over again, and why do they want to check your credit score? One really has to think about these things. Why would you respond to a job offer where the details are obscure; recently, a man was killed, because he left Norfolk, VA to respond to a job offer he saw on Craigslist to work in Ohio. What person is hiring someone out of state, unless it is a telecommuting offer, that you can find on Craigslist?

If you need someone to tend your farm, you can find someone down the street to do this for you, you would not solicit someone on craigslist. Another scam, is the idea of “hooking up” with someone. In most cases this is a solicitation for prostitution, which is a crime, if you are fortunate. If you are unfortunate someone will hit you over the head and rob you, or you may end up becoming the victim of a sex crime. What woman you met online honestly wants to have sex with you?

There are a lot of games being played on the Internet, and most people realize that they are playing a game with someone online. But if you are one those honest individuals that believe in the best for people and take individuals at their word, stay off of the Internet. It would be better, for you to avoid becoming modernized, and tech savvy, than for you to get taken advantage of online, because you know enough to be dangerous …

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