Scholarships for Soccer Players

Soccer players who have a desire to play soccer in college may find scholarship opportunities available to them. Getting a scholarship to play soccer depends largely on athletic ability, but players who are not at the top of the field may receive a scholarship based upon other factors. Many organizations and colleges also reward soccer scholarships based on academic achievement, a demonstration of financial need, or the potential to improve as a soccer player.

NCAA Scholarships

Colleges and universities offer a group of scholarships funded by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The number and amount of scholarships vary by school and is also determined by NCAA guidelines. Only Division I and Division II schools provide scholarships for athletes through the NCAA, but those who do must disperse scholarships among sports and may not only offer scholarships based on athletic ability. Colleges which do not offer a wide range of athletics may provide more scholarships for soccer students. Although Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, many of them make up for this by offering academic scholarships to student athletes, including soccer players.

Soccer players may opt to work with a scout or recruiting service to help obtain NCAA scholarships and other soccer scholarships. These services claim to help match high school players with college and university coaches and scholarship opportunities. Before using a recruiting service, students should verify the reputation of an organization by talking to previous clients of the organization and looking up the service with the Better Business Bureau. Students should also be wary of any services that guarantee placement and require huge upfront fees, as many of them operate as scams to get money out of anxious soccer players.

Once you have narrowed down the list of colleges and universities you wish to attend, talk directly to the soccer coach or school’s athletic department about scholarship opportunities. If you have athletic skills or bring additional skills, such as a strong academic record, to the school, the financial aid department may be able to find more scholarships to help you play soccer at that school.

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