Scrapbook for Home Decorating

It’s the worst feeling when you buy paint, put it on your walls, then realize that none of your furnishings look good with it. Or, you’re out shopping, you see some throw pillows, and when you get them home, they don’t coordinate well with the sofa. It’s not uncommon for people to shop outside of the home then realize that things they’ve purchased just don’t fit in as well as you thought they would. Why not try what I’ve done? Make a scrapbook for shopping and you’ll always have a guide to help you choose colors, patterns, and furnishings.

When you buy a small scrapbook you can easily carry it with you when you shop. The scrapbook can help you organize samples of things you have around the house and make it easier for you to coordinate pillows, rugs, curtains, and other things, when you shop. You can purchase a mini scrapbook at some dollar-theme stores, most any craft store, and some discount department stores. The best scrapbook is one with just plain paper pages.

On some pages of the scrapbook, make a swipe of paint, so that you have every color from your home, including the colors of paint on walls, molding, and cupboard doors. On other pages, attach small pieces of carpeting. Snip fabric from the hem of a curtain, a tablecloth, or from the underside of a couch skirt. Glue these to other pages of the scrapbook. Include things like samples of linoleum, wallpaper, or even contact paper.

Some things can’t be put in the mini scrapbook, like a sample of what your wood tones look like. For these types of things, just take photos. Print the pictures out on your computer and attach them to pages inside the scrapbook. Pictures you might want to feature in the book include window shades, lamps, cornices, furniture, rugs, and wall hangings.

At any time, you can update the unusual scrapbook by removing paint colors, or replacing carpet samples, to keep a current collection of your furnishings and colors. Just take the scrapbook with you while shopping – or leave it in the car. You’ll always feel comfortable shopping for pillows, curtains, rugs, paint, place mats, and other decorator pieces. Making a scrapbook for shopping is fun to do and the book itself is extremely helpful.

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