Scrapbook Stamp or Ticket Perforations

Huge corporations now make scrapbook tools for anything imaginable. If you want to make a letter inside a letter, there’s a tool or machine for that. Want to make decorative edges on scrapbook papers? There’s a tool for that. No matter what you can dream up, these huge corporations have already thought of it, and they have hundreds of these things available to those who love making scrapbooks. But have you seen the prices on some of those tools? One tool can cost more than the scrapbook itself – plus its contents. Some of those tools are necessities; it’s nearly impossible to make a crinkle cut along an edge, for example, without special scissors or another tool. Some of those tools aren’t critical, though – like a perforation tool. There are several different ways to make your own perforations to create scrapbook stamps, tickets, and more.

A needle can help you make great perforations but, with only one needle, it’s difficult to space the holes of the perforations exactly. If you use a row of needles you can easily make a perforation to make a homemade sticker, ticket, or other item.

Set a yardstick or ruler against a surface so that it can’t move. Lay a piece of tape in front of the ruler, sticky side up, and begin laying needles or pins on it. The ruler will allow you to space the needles how you want them at a glance. Push the eye of the needle – or head of the pin – against the edge of the ruler and lay it on the tape. Set as many needles as you want and then place another piece of tape over the row of needles to trap the needles between the two tape strips.

Craft foam makes it easy to create the perforations. Lay a piece of the foam on a hard surface then set the paper item on it. Align the taped needles how you want them, then press them to perforate the paper.

With a sewing machine you can make even more perforations. Make the holes of the perforation little or large, depending on the size of needle you use. No thread is needed. Take almost all of the pressure off of the foot and then sew across it to create the perforation.

When you want to make realistic scrapbook tickets or stamps you definitely need a genuine perforation mark. You can create that when you use needles – on your machine or by hand. They’ll look just like the real thing.
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