Scrapbooking Paper Scraps: What to Do with Them?

One of the downfalls in scrapbooking is all the paper scraps. I am not one to waste paper, so I like to find different uses for scraps. Just because you’re done with the paper, doesn’t mean you have to pitch the scraps in the trash.

Trim excess

One of the first things that I do with all my scrap paper is trim the excess stuff around the shapes. I just take scissors and cut around all the shape cutouts so I am not left with stragglers which can get very annoying. Then I file them into a drawer marked scrap paper so they are there when I need them. If you don’t have a drawer that you can place them in, any kind of tub or container will work just fine.

Decorative Tags

You can turn your scraps into decorative tags easily. They make punches for this or you can simply cut your own out. Cut a piece of paper into a tag shape. Using your hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the paper and then string ribbon or anything else through the hole. Now you have a tag and not as much wasted paper as you once had. You can even decorate these tags to match your scrapbooking pages or use these on gifts next time you purchase a present for someone.


Squares are fun to work with and you can use them many different ways on your pages. I found by having squares already cut in a container next to me, I am more likely to actually use them. You can make them into plain squares or use a scalloped cutter and give your squares a fancy look. Spend some time cutting squares out of your scrap paper and the next time you’re creating a page, I’m sure you will find a place to place some of your awesome squares. I find it fun to layer the squares on your page. Use two different colors and turn the bottom square in the opposite direction of the top square. Mount these to your page using a fancy brad.


Your scraps can be cut into small or large strips depending on the size of scraps that you have. These strips can be used for many different things. Place them randomly on your page to create a scattered look. You can use these around pictures to frame your photo on your scrapbooking page. If your pictures have a lot of color, then frame the entire page using different sizes and colors of strips. This can create a nice visual effect to your pages as well as your photos.

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