Sea Glass Picture Frame Instructions

Add a touch of color to a photo wall, shelve or table with a homemade sea glass picture frame. Sea glass is an odd shaped piece of glass that are tumbled to smooth the edges. Displaying sea glass in glass jars, dishes or lamps is a common practice. Take the sea glass from the containers and create a conversation piece.

Things You’ll Need:

8-by-10 clear plastic L-frame or picture frame
8-by-10 piece of paper
Clear silicon caulk
Putty knife
Sea glass


Step 1 – Measure and draw a 3 ½-inch frame around the outside edge of an 8-by-10-inch piece of paper. Insert the paper frame in the 8-by-10 clear plastic L-frame or picture frame so the lines are facing the front of the frame.

Step 2 – Cover a flat work surface with newspaper. Place the frame on the newspaper.

Step 3 – Squeeze a thin line of clear silicon caulk in the center of the 3 ½-inch drawn frame.

Step 4 – Spread the silicon into a ¼-inch layer between the 3 ½-inch drawn frame using a putty knife.

Step 5 – Immediately press the sea glass into the silicon caulk. Position the sea glass so the pieces are side-by-side.

Step 6 – Allow the silicon to dry one hour before use.

Remove the paper from the inside of the frame. Tape a 5-by-7 picture in the center of the paper. Insert the picture into the frame. The sea glass creates an outside boarder to give the illusion of a picture frame.

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