Seagram’s Jamaican Me Happy Escape

The golden squad of rays strewn all across the earth; Electric movements we made into the day with shorts and t-shirts. Summertime is the time to take in the wonderful heat. It is even more of a safe haven when the natural sun is beaming from inside the depths of me.

Who would have thought that after all this time that I’d come to find something new that could claim my heart and mind; a drink that is perfect for June, July and August. But the coming to find it was what made this new love affair a 4.0 or an A plus.

Here is how it happened in the strangest way; even stranger than getting married inside of a Walmart on your wedding day. Or maybe it is more like a miracle of surprise, like the miracle of 12 year old Dale Ostrander being prayed for, pulled out of the water after quite some times and then revived. While eating barbecue food with the family and with friends, thirst became a concern that I needed to quench. The sophisticated lady that I am usually goes for the frozen drinks like Margaritas, Miami Vices, Strawberry Daquiris and Pina Coladas. But anything would have been alright for now.

I was indulged in a card game of spades that I planned to win, keeping score and bidding on books that my partner and I knew we’d take. I am usually on the winning team each time we play and since we started playing, it has always been that way. But this time we started to get set by the opposing team. Maybe it was the thirst I had inside of me that made me decide to pause the game and to have a drink. The ice cooler was filled with everything you could think.

I needed something that would satisfy my sweet tooth; something that would go great with hot barbecue food; something that wouldn’t be too strong or too heavy; chilled drinks like juice, soda, water, and coolers all peaked at me. So I decided to go with this pink drink in a clear bottle and boy were my taste buds startled because it had such a smooth taste to it; Seagrams Escape makes a fantastic flavored beer with a twist.

I thought the name of this Seagrams Escape drink was quite funny and clever. Jamaican Me Happy was the harmonious flavor that was so perfect for the summer weather. It had a taste of the tropics, like sitting under the red sky on Negril’s sandy beach. It had a little kick to it and 3.2% alcohol that made me happy; so happy that I started playing my spades game a little different. A change in the pace of the game started to happen.

The lemon, strawberry, watermelon and guava natural flavors made the beverage taste like juice or candy or jello and simply said hello. That was also what each book that we would win would say when we started winning the game. Maybe it was the Jamaican Me Happy that helped to change our fate like the spinach of Popeye or the carrots of bugs that helps them to be the happy go-getters. Jamaican Me Happy was so yummy that it made the sunny afternoon even better.

It had such a great taste that it had me feeling mellow. There is nothing like a chilled drink on a hot day while conversing with my peoples. Jamaican Me Happy is the name of the drink by Seagrams Escape. It is a malt beverage with natural flavors in the color of pink. I recommend it; escape to the islands with this perfect summer drink. It goes great with barbecues, dominoes or card games when you have the perfect hand. You can even use the 11.2 fl oz bottle to add to other cool alcoholic blends. But regardless how you have it, the taste will flood your heart like the heavy rains from Tropical storm Emily over Santo Domingo. Jamaican Me Happy is definitely that summer drink that fits equally well with the Average Joes and the Fabulous. The name is right because it does add to the joys of the sun beams. The summertime is a time to celebrate being free. Oh how I love the summer and my new favorite escape. Seagram’s Escape Jamaican Me Happy is the perfect drink for a nice summer night or day.

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