Season Premiere of Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher: Are You Going to Watch?

Tonight is the long awaited season premiere of Two And A Half Men with Ashton Kutcher making his debut and replacing Charlie Sheen. The show starts at 9 PM EST on CBS. If you watched the Emmy’s last night then you saw Charlie Sheen’s speech where he appeared to sincerely wish the future of the show well. I couldn’t help but think that old Charlie is finally sobering up to realize the path of absolute destruction and wreckage called his career he left behind him this past year. He looked every bit humbled with his tail between his legs. It is even rumored that he is open to coming back on the show, even if it is simply a guest appearance.

The question is, can he repair the damage he did with his colleagues to be trusted anywhere near that set and will the public give him a second chance? After all, he has flip flopped so many times in his career with regard to drug relapses, it begs the question when is enough finally enough? I think that despite Charlie’s bad behavior, the public will accept him back into the spotlight. After all, he was the best playing himself as a bad boy and that is what the public wants from him. I just think it is sad because it’s exactly what will keep him flip flopping with his drug addiction. It is painfully obvious that he has never been able to handle his fame pro-actively, nothing has changed. Obviously I wish him well because he is incredibly talented as an actor. It is just a shame that he is so overwhelmed with insecurities not to see this for himself, despite the ego talk.

Now that that is settled, what do you think Ashton will fare as the new character on Two And A Half Men? When he was announced as Charlie’s replacement, I wasn’t too sure if that made sense. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Ashton Kutcher. I think he’s intelligent and a funny goof ball. I just hope this is going to work out as a success for Two And A Half Men. There is a lot riding on it because you KNOW that Charlie won’t be able to resist saying something if it flops, despite his sober appearance lately. It will be labeled as the show that no one can replace Charlie if it doesn’t go well. On the other hand, if it is a success, then it’s bye-bye Charlie! Guess he should have thought of that before.

One thing is for sure, it’s going to be riveting to watch either way. No doubt there will be a buzz tomorrow. What do you think? Will the show be a success or a flop?






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