Seasonal Decorating for the Fireplace Hearth

A brick fireplace is a beautiful addition to a home, but if it is cluttered or unadorned in between warm and cool seasons it is not being used to the fullest potential. Even if the bricks are absolutely gorgeous, seasonal decorating can make it look and feel even more warm and welcoming. Decor adds personal style to the room. People use the mantel as a display shelf, but the hearth and firebox offers many more possibilities.

I had a fireplace in my townhouse living room, and I created a focal point by decorating the hearth with eye-catching seasonal decor. Although the mantel was embellished with a beautiful mirror and vintage wood sculptures, the brick fireplace hearth was used as an ever changing area for display. Find out how I began decorating with seasonal decor, and use some or all of my ideas to create a beautiful focal point in your fireplace hearth anytime of the year.

Unique Seasonal Pumpkin and Gourd Decor

In early autumn before using my fireplace to help heat the home, I began decorating the living room with unique fall decor. I wanted to bring the beauty of fall into my home with seasonal decor, and I started with the fireplace hearth. Fresh pumpkins and gourds were not yet available, but I had an idea. I purchased 7 realistic faux pumpkins of various sizes and colors along with about 8 faux gourds. I created a hearth that was literally flowing with autumn decor. I cleaned the log rack to remove the soot, and I arranged the pumpkins and gourds in a way that made them appear to pour out of the hearth. The seasonal decorating scheme was unique and very eye-catching, and I received many compliments on the design.

Decorating with Tiered Summer and Springtime Candles

Spring and summer are typically too warm to use a fireplace, but decorating the hearth is still a possibility. Instead of displaying an open and empty firebox, fill it with a tiered candle display. A candle display is fantastic seasonal decor for the hearth. The beauty of natural flames can still be enjoyed during the warmest months of the year, and the fireplace hearth will look absolutely beautiful.

I set up a tiered candle display when decorating my fireplace hearth for spring and summer. I placed five fragrant pillar candles of graduating heights in a black metal candle tray, and I surrounded the candles with an assortment of polished natural stones of various colors. Decorating the hearth with candles filled the room with fragrance and the beauty of flickering candlelight.

I continued to use my fireplace hearth for seasonal decorating when I did not use for building fires. I filled it with beautiful pink and creamy white hydrangea blooms, decorative orbs and more. It became an ever changing brick shadowbox for all sorts of decor, and it was one of the most uniquely decorated areas of my home.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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