Secrets We Kept.

We’d meet after work,
the last day of the week,
a day I looked forward to.
Whether we went to dinner,
or go shot pool…
for a few hours,
I got to be with you.
Our time together
was always a joy,
but when we were truly alone…
“Oh, boy!!!”
I always froze up,
not knowing what to say,
or how I should act.
My body would tremble,
the things I imagined.
I visualize so many times,
you grabbing me,
pulling me close to you,
your lips getting closer,
as you looked into my eyes.
I imagined so many times…
though I was teasing you,
it was more than your eyes…
I wanted to please you,
and make you mine.
I imagined so many times…
the way we are now,
the way we have been,
the way we love each other.
The secret I kept,
was a secret you held,
a secret that couldn’t keep,
a love that wouldn’t hide.

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