See the Ngong Hills from Southern Sun Mayfair

Africa is a continent marked by contrast – at the very least politically, geographically, culturally and socially. Tourists are attracted to its countries by a variety of stimuli depending on their interests. In many areas, spectacular landscapes and once plentiful wildlife fight to survive the challenges of urban sprawl while third-world governments wrestle with financial, educational, housing and health reforms, poverty, and internal party politics that often lead to lengthy, violent struggles.

Yet, travellers around the world sing Africa’s praises after a visit, if they’ve done it with their eyes wide open. The wilds of Africa are the subject of tremendously flattering photographic, film and literary studies. As it is in nature, there is a harsh side to life in some areas that can be ignored, but exists all the same. It’s a question of being prepared and up for the adventure. You can choose to rough it or do it in style if you wish to.

Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi is a Kenyan hotel that is a sterling example of the hospitality of this country’s people and its luxury location and appointments contribute to making every guest’s stay a memorable one.

One can be swept away by the romance of Africa at Southern Sun Mayfair. Kenya’s atmosphere and environment is well conveyed in films like the Oscar-winning Out of Africa about a Danish baroness, Karen Blixen, who was a pioneer coffee farmer there from 1914 to 1931.

Southern Sun Mayfair is not far from the suburb of Karen, which is named after her, and is the site of her mansion that has been converted into a museum bearing her name.
“I had a farm in Africa – at the foot of the Ngong Hills” – the famous opening line of the movie sets the scene with nostalgia and the deceptive stillness that is the magic of the African landscape. Her location, near the Southern Sun Mayfair in the neighbouring suburb of Nairobi, must have been her creative inspiration as it was on this farm that she wrote her first book, Seven Gothic Tales. She is considered one of Denmark’s greatest writers and is the only non-royal to be depicted on Danish money and stamps.
The book, Out of Africa, ends with: “The outline of the mountain was slowly smoothed and levelled out by the hand of distance.” Southern Sun Mayfair is the ideal hotel to stay at to have a chance at seeing the same incredible view.

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