SeeFlick Launches New Film Festival and Competition for New Filmmakers

SeeFlick is establishing itself as the newest online destination for emerging filmmakers, as it has announced a new film festival and competition for new directors and writers.Two concurrent short film competitions, including the Judges Award and the Fans Favorite, will run twice a year, exclusively to students who attend, or are within five years of graduation from, an accredited undergraduate or graduate film program.

SeeFlik’s panel of esteemed judges, including Sideway‘s Michael London, Lethal Weapon‘s Shane Black, Hoosier‘s Angelo Pizzo, Hotel Rwanda‘s Keir Pearson, The Karate Kid‘s Robert Kamen and Lonesome Dove’s Suzanne de Passe, will determine the winner for the Judges Award.The Fans Favorite competition will allow the public to vote in each round, and the winner will be determined by the most votes received.

The winners will partake in a showcase for talent agencies and studios, and will win $50,000 in prize money. SeeFlick will also use various promotional initiatives to promote the films, including social media and email marketing.

Larry Meli, the CEO of SeeFlik, said “Tens of thousands of emerging artists and filmmakers graduate from college each year and have few options other than the traditional film festivals to have their voices heard. Now, for the first time, SeeFlik will provide an online showcase and film festival for their work and give them an opportunity to fast forward their careers and become the next great filmmaker.” He added that he’s happy the festival will help the talented, but as of yet unrecognized, filmmakers.

Some of the colleges working with SeeFlik are American University-School of Communication; California State University, Fullerton-College of Communication; Florida State University-College of Motion Picture Arts; Loyola Marymount University-School of Film and Television; and New York University-Tisch School of the Arts. Dates relating to the submissions deadlines can be found at the official SeeFlik competition website.

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