Self-Educated in Mathematics

Mathematics is a field of science dedicated to finding the truths of nature in symbols and equations that tell us how the world and all it’s intricacies work in a fundamental level. People from elementary to college have had a pessimistic feeling of mathematics which I think is in part fault to the teachers methods of teaching mathematics in the schools. And, the current system of education we have in the modern world. There have been times when people have said that they hate math. Since it’s level of abstractness is high people shy away from math and there is a way to do math correctly without the help of a teacher. Teach oneself mathematics where every detail is explained.

There are math books to teach oneself mathematics. Mathematics is a matter of action more than passively reading a book. One has to do the problems and exercises to exercise the brain, and stimulate one’s intellect with the perennial puzzles that the questions of math contain. I am not saying math teachers are completely useless, they are just unnecessary for some people who are already ahead of their peers.

When one is young one must learn how to divide, multiply, add, and subtract numbers, but when teachers present students with numbers they seem to have no direct application to the real world, and instead they think that math is useless. But, math does have a meaning and is everywhere in the reality of the cosmos. Instead students should learn by real experiences in the real world. By counting money at the store one learns and applies the knowledge of counting for buying goods. The work sheets in class presented by the teacher shows no application to real life scenarios. Students learn the important things in life outside the school building. I think homeschooling one’s child is better than a formal school because of the curiosity one attains by home school.

Some examples of helping someone’s curiosity reawaken. One is to try opening electronics up so that one can find the mechanisms on who things work, and how electronics work. Try new things and venture into new places to arouse one’s curious feelings.

To be self-educated in mathematics requires passion and hard work because one would have to forget and recover from formal education and start thinking independently without the help of any teachers to teach one about mathematics. There are a ton of resources in the Internet to teach oneself mathematics, even mathematics in the theoretical level. It is always fun to delve into mathematical beauty and puzzles that keep one occupied in their journey of discoveries and learning.

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