Session Initiation Protocol for Business

Anyone in business and IT knows the vital importance of unified communications. The speed of information is moving faster than ever; your information stream needs to keep up. Voice, data, chat, video, messaging, email; everything in your network needs to be able to keep up with everything else. Using SIP as a part of your unified communications considerations is something that every decision maker would be wise to be aware of. Every decision maker who has not already jumped onto the SIP bandwagon, that is.

SIP stand for “Session Initiation Protocol.” This protocol is fast becoming the preferred method of communications hosting exactly because it is so simple. SIP is used for controlling, creating, modifying, or terminating all your unified communications sessions. SIP is a text based protocol and incorporates many of the same elements as HTTP and SMTP.

SIP is also the preferred unified communications protocol of choice, by most businesses these days. So when you are talking about accessibility, you want to be sure you’re using a platform which everyone can leap onto and use with ease. SIP promises to let everyone on and not to leave anyone behind.

Ask any business person what they hate more than anything and they will invariably tell you “wasted time.” As it is the preferred method of collaboration, SIP has some of the most reliable platforms for instant messaging. Find the department head that has just had an all day strategy session with another office only to find that the transcript lost due to an unreliable platform and you will see one unhappy executive. As a business professional you need to make sure you are using a platform which will not wreck your existing networks and a platform where information will not just be carelessly lost.

Of course some may look at the basic architecture of SIP and think there is no way this could be an effective and usable protocol for their unified communications. Those who are not technically up to speed need to disavow themselves of this opinion. Because it is this same ease and simplicity coupled with its killer uptime and ubiquitous formatting which is exactly what makes SIP the black widow of internet protocol.

If you’re hoping to upgrade your IT platforms you should definitely give weight to the protocol which will best serve your business needs. SIP promises to add that extra layer of usability to keep your workers and your network operating at peak performance.


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