Seth Rogen Marries Over the Weekend – His Hollywood Besties’ Love Lives

It seems as if love is in the air, along with laughter and good times with good friends since comedy star, Seth Rogen, tied the knot over the weekend. Rogen recited his vows with longtime girlfriend, Lauren Miller, in Sonoma, California. However, many of Seth’s Hollywood friends are already hitched and could have possibly given him some pointers on the do’s and don’ts of being married.

“Knocked Up” co-star, Katherine Heigl, is also leading lady for her husband, Josh Kelley. Kelley is a singer/songwriter who had met Heigl on the set of his music video “Only You” in 2005. The two married in December of 2007 and People reported the two happy love birds had a spectacular ceremony.

Paul Rudd, another actor who worked with Rogen on “The 40-Year Old Virgin” has been married to his sweetheart, Julie Yaeger, since 2003. Rudd might have given Seth some advice on how to keep his lady happy since he has been with his love dating back to 1998.

“Funny People” co-star and longtime funny man, Adam Sandler, could have also given some marriage advice to Seth Rogen before the big day. Adam married his lovely lady, Jackie (Titone) Sandler in 2003 as well. He might also give him some fatherhood tips since as of 2008 OK! Magazine reported their second child was on their way. Of course, now their children have surpassed the toddler stage and are moving up to primary school. Perhaps Adam can give Seth some teenager advice after he deals with those issues in the years to come.

As for Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller, they should expect to receive more congratulations on their marriage over the next few days. Although getting married is always a huge celebration, it’s the staying married for years to come that deserves the major award.

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