Setting Up an Online Store with Goodsie

Goodsie is a new way for people to set up an e-commerce store online. The simple setup is one of the highlights to this platform. It is simple enough for anyone to use. Let’s talk about how to set up a store and start selling.

Opening an account at entails putting in a name for your store, which will be the name of your URL. Add and email address a password, and you are all set. You should then check your email account to confirm the address and then again for the information about your store. Now it is time to design the store.

On your main page you will put in a description of what your store is about. This description will be on your page. Then select the layout of your store. There are not many options, but the simple clean interfaces are one of the benefits of using Goodsie for a e-commerce.

Continue through each selection filling in the information requested. When you are done, go to the admin area where you will put the information about your products and set up your payment wall with Google Checkout and/or PayPal.

The ability to brand your page is one of the highlights of Goodsie since you can choose your own background and logo. You can also choose to deselect the Goodsie name being on your page if you choose. A flavicon can be added to the page and is simple to upload.

If you would prefer not to use the Goodsie URL, you can have a custom URL, but if the store is a link on your main page, a simple re-direct or forward would also work. Another way might be having the information on your main site, and using Goodsie as your shopping portal. A plus side to this is customers get the full information on your page, but also can browse through your other products on your Goodsie page.

If the Goodsie site will be the main site, they do offer the ability to add pages, so you can have an about page, mission statement, or whatever you deem necessary. You can also add pages for specific products, such as “Art” or “Wall Art.” Much of that will will depend on how you set up your categories.

Unlike their competitors who put limits on the number of products you can list depending on the plan you choose, Goodsie is $15 per month, after the free 30 day trial, for unlimited products and images. Though there are some limitations on Goodsie, the platform is more than sufficient for those who don’t need a whole lot of bells and whistles. It’s also great for people who don’t want to learn how to use code and plug-ins for their stores.

Based on the stores that have been setup on Goodsie, it is product driven, as opposed to selling services, though it could be used for this. Currently it is being used for selling everything from art to event tickets, proving its flexibility.

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