She’s Gone

Yeah I’m hurtin’

I’m closin’ the curtain

Nothing left

and still uncertain

Of what lies ahead

My heart feels so dead

All empty inside

Spinning my head

What to do next

This life is so complex

Wish it was simpler

Wish I knew what to expect

Jus’ gotta sit and wait

Our lives determined by fate

Give it all to God

Pray and have faith

Patience is key

Cant let it bother me

easier said than done

never thought I would be

In dis situation at all

Thrown a curve ball

Reality set in

Time to bawl

Knowing that I failed

a life derailed

nothings the same..

my heart’s impaled

gonna sit here and write

should I continue this fight?

Feelings poured out

Nothing seems right

Time to comprehend

‘Cuz this is the end

No longer lovers

But jus’ plain ‘ol friends..

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