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Today in our small business tips, I want to discuss what makes a successful small business owner or entrepreneur? The answers can vary depending on who you speak to, but in my opinion there are 3 things that have completely changed my life and my business and they are…

Be an information hub to your clients, customers, and prospects. We live in a time where people need and want good information. If you can become the person that your marketplace goes to for information, than you will have the opportunity to show them the value that you can bring to their lives. Back in the day, information was held tightly, and hoarded. Now a day the people that share good info freely, are the ones that get the traffic, the trust and the love from their market.

CARE about your clients, customers and prospects! Yes, care! Love your clients not your business. I learned this from the awesome marketing genius Jay Abraham and it made so much sense to me. When you combine the 1st point I made about being a info hub for your market, and you add that to REALLY caring about your market, the results will be explosive! Why? Because people come to us for answers, guidance, support, and leadership. If we give them exactly what they need, and at the same time we show them love, we show them that we truly want the best for them, then when it’s time for them to make the decision on who to do business with, who do you think will get it? Me? The person that loves my market, shares awesome content with them, and provide them with great resources- and answers or the “other guy” the one that just wants their money. I think you get my point.

Work, work, work! I think people forget that in order to be successful, we need to truly work hard! Of all the successful business owners and entrepreneurs I know, not one has told me that they don’t work their face off! NOT ONE!!! So to conclude this weeks Small business tips on what makes a successful small business owner or entrepreneur, if we become a central hub of info for our marketplace, do everything in our power to help them, care for them, and love them with the addition of some good ol’ fashioned hard work, success will be inevitable!

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