Smoke Clears Over the Worst of Fears

As the world spins time seems to remain motionless

a) Barren and desolate the clock sits perched on the wall

b) Time itself seems to stall

I am stuck going up this hill

a) The pinnacle eludes me like a vampires shadow

b) No matter what I do, happiness left years ago

A chilling breeze blows through my hair

a) I watch as the ground gives way beneath my feet

b) My maker I prepare to meet

My eyes begin to focus

a) Waste is all around, buildings smolder away

b) This is a dark, mysterious day

a) The smoke clears

a) I realize the worst of my fears


a) I have no time for relations

My life spins out of control

a) The last bridge ignites as I finish pouring the gas

a) This too shall come to pass

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