Sneak Peek Review of Children’s Book Tugg and Teeny: That’s What Friends Are For

This is a sneak peek review of the children’s book Tugg and Teeny: That’s What Friends Are For. It is authored by J. Patrick Lewis and is published by Sleeping Bear Press. I was provided a copy of this children’s book by the publisher for review, but was under no obligation to recommend it. My observations are my own.

Synopsis and Review of the Children’s Book Tugg and Teeny: That’s What Friends Are For

Part of the “I Am A Reader!” series (Book 3), this product contains three short stories centering around two best friends in a jungle, Tugg (a gorilla), and Teeny (a monkey), along with their interactions with the other creatures of the animal kingdom there. First, in “Margie Barge’s Tears,” Margie feels bad about herself because she’s fat, like a hippo should be, so the duo and the other animals try to help her come to terms with who she is as they discuss their own perceived shortcomings, but Tugg and Teeny also work on getting a special surprise for the sad animal. In “Rocko’s Horn,” Rocko (a rhino) is despondent over losing his horn, so the monkey and gorilla try to find something to replace it with. Finally, in “Good Neighbor Day,” the best friends want the other animals over to celebrate their newly painted home, and while attending, the guests get an unexpected surprise.

I strongly recommend this book, recommended for Grades 2-3 readers, because it’s so positive about affirming the benefits of having friends. Friends you can talk to about how you feel and help you to put things in perspective, and who’ll help you find solutions to problems, and just to hang out with. The stories move fast, and the illustrations by Christopher Denise really help make the narrative come alive.

This 40 page children’s book will be available at retail outlets like on January 3, 2012, and its Suggested Retail Price is just $3.99. The ISBN Number for this Tugg and Teeny book is 1-58536-687-0. For more information on the publisher, Sleeping Bear Press, contact 315 Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 200, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Phone: 800-487-2323. Email: [email protected] Website here

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