Sneak Peek Review of the Children’s DVD ‘Bob the Builder: Here to Help’

This is a sneak peek review of the children’s DVD “Bob the Builder: Here to Help.” This product is due out on February 21, and comes from Lionsgate and HiT Entertainment. I was provided a copy of this video for review, but was under no obligation to recommend it. My observations are my own.

Synopsis of the latest “Bob the Builder” video

Five episodes make up this upcoming release, which sees Bob and Wendy displaying much patience in dealing with their good-natured, but often bratty-acting construction equipment. In “Lofty’s Helpful Day,” the crane is given responsibilities for a staircase project, but becomes distracted after taking on other people’s chores. “Scrambler’s Stage Surprise” sees the ATV and Spud mess around with the control desk of an outdoor theater, which ends up causing havoc during a remodeling project, especially after they scare Lofty off of the job.

The third episode in this children’s DVD sees Scoop get overwhelmed trying to organize a surprise birthday party for Wendy while being responsible for a wishing well project in “Wendy’s Birthday Surprise.” Scratch almost messes up the town’s History Day by causing the official poster to be ruined and not being around to help make Fixum’s pirate ship ready for the festivities in “Scratch’s Star Turn.” Finally, in “Dizzy and the Wheelies,” the little cement mixer becomes so obsessed with doing wheelies and showing off, that she threatens the limited supplies for a lighthouse project.

During continuous-play mode, Roley, a roller, takes viewers around Fixum to introduce the various animals who live in the area, but in the process, he manages to destroy Pilchard’s (the cat) little outdoor house over and over again. The bonus features include two music videos. Bob is the singer in “My Dream Team,” while Lofty croons out “I’m Big and I’m Blue.” Additionally, a build-a-house game is included.

Children will learn good morals and values through watching the construction equipment in action

The episodes are well-paced and will keep the interest of the youngsters who really like watching construction equipment in action. Children will learn some good morals and values over the course of about an hour, including to not take on too many projects at once, don’t horseplay when there’s work to be done, ask others for help, admit mistakes, and keep focused on one’s tasks. I recommend the “Bob the Builder: Here to Help” DVD .

The running time for this DVD is about 55 minutes and can be heard in both the English and Spanish languages. “Bob the Builder: Here to Help” is due for release to retail outlets like on February 21 and its Suggested Retail Price is $9.98. For more information about “Bob the Builder,” go to this website here.

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