Snooki Polizzi is Pregnant; Get the Sunless Tanner Ready for a Baby Oompa Loompa

Get the sunless tanner ready for a baby Oompa Loompa. That’s right folks, Snooki Polizzi is pregnant according to latimes . Then why on earth did this reality star lie about being pregnant when she appeared on Good Morning America?

The queen of Jersey Shore wanted to get passed the 3rd month scare. Do you blame her? Many celebrities try to keep quiet until they pass this trimester. This is normal. So the next big question many fans will be searching for is “Who’s the Daddy?” Well, according to latimes Polizzi’s current boyfriend Jionni LaValle is. Who? That’s exactly what I said. To learn more about the father, head over to babble , there you can learn who he is and what he looks like. Looks like this baby is going to be real cute.

Other Celebrities Who Hid Their Pregnancy

Mariah Carey

Having Twins is a joy, but in the first few months anything could go wrong. Carey tried to be so careful about being pregnant she even wore very high heels to trick the media and fans. But once her belly started to bulge out she had no choice but to except it and announce the big news to all.

Jennifer Lopez

How could you not tell? Before Jennifer had her twins, she tried to keep hush hush and deny all the pregnancy rumors. However, her ex Cris Judd announced the big news to the media. OMG! How wrong was that? The girl indeed was showing, for God sakes she was having twins. You can only cover up for so long when more than one baby is expecting.

Having a baby is a beautiful part of life, but sometimes when a woman starts to show, she starts to get self conscious, especially if it’s only the first few months.

So how do celebrities hide their pregnancy so well from the media? Well, I know from experience when I was having twins I would wear lots of black. From long maxi like gowns to cute and sexy babydoll tops that hid the belly so well. You need to think loose clothing that doesn’t hug every curve of your body, especially the belly. Big sweaters work magic too if the weather permits you.


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