Snow Day Crafts

It’s cold. Perhaps it’s raining or snowing. But it’s cold. It’s too cold to send the kids to play, and they need something to do that doesn’t include watching more TV or destroying the house. I have done these crafts with my own boys, and they loved them, especially the marshmallow snow land snack. Who doesn’t like eating frosting and marshmallows? These crafts are simple and easy, but they can become great works of art. These crafts can be done with kids as young as two and to older children, allowing them to make it as complicated as they would like.

Chalk Snow Scene

(It’s a simple, easy craft, but there is something so cool about drawing with chalk inside. It gives the child a new medium to work with. Bonus: colored chalk on white paper.)

Items you need:

White chalk

Black construction paper

Hair spray

Using the chalk, have the child create a snow scene on the black paper. After the child is done creating the scene, spray the paper with hair spray to seal the art piece.

Button Snow Scene

(This craft can be as simple as having the child make snowmen or more complicated scenes with buttons, cotton balls, paint, and glitter.)

Items you need:

Construction paper


White buttons

Optional: White paint, cotton balls, glitter, white ribbon

Have the child create a winter scene. Snowmen from buttons or cotton balls. Stretch the cotton balls into various shapes and sizes to illustrate different types of clouds or shapes in clouds. Falling snow from buttons, cotton or glitter. Let the imagination run wild.

Marshmallow Snow land Scene

(After a busy day of crafting, playing, and cleaning, this is a fun snack that allows the kid to play with his/her food, creating an edible master piece.)

Items you need:


Plastic or butter knife


White frosting

Marshmallows (best if you have both sizes)

Give the child the plate, knife, a bowl of frosting, and a bowl of marshmallows. You may have to show younger children how to stack the marshmallows to create snowmen and forts. Let the child create. Take a picture. Allow the child to devour the scene.

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