Regardless of age, generations of young kids would quite easily agree on the lifelong impact of witty inventions like LEGO, Marvel Comics, and the Barbie Doll. These have triggered such inspirational and even wild fantasies within them than ever imagined! While this remains true, Outdoor adventure and activities will forever have no match.

This is the setting for this inspirational and warming movie from Mpower Pictures titled SNOWMEN. It’d either leave you laughing reflectively at yourself while growing up, or have you reaching for your handkerchief.

Set along a snowy Canadian Prairie community, SNOWMEN captures the retelling of a true life story of three adventurous young friends. After narrowly surviving being buried-alive under the snow, the boys suddenly found themselves under the media spotlight, having made a rare discovery. And trust boys; with his dream girl in the tow, making the most of his opportunity was just what Billy Kirkfield (Bobby Coleman) intended to doing. These unlikely heroes now hatched a novel idea to be remembered forever by setting a Guinness World Records® title. But with schoolyard bullies in the foray, the trio go all out hoping to accomplish their ambitious plan (like any young kid would attempt) and hopefully help put their community on the Map.

However, they soon discover a life-changing profound truth, about purpose and what truly matters, on meeting a complete stranger. The award winning SNOWMEN movie ticks all the boxes of what genuine Family entertainment ought to involve. SNOWMEN features an ensemble cast of seasoned actors, such as Bobby Coleman (Last Song), Ray Liotta (Wild Hogs), Bobb’e J. Thompson (Role Models), Josh Flitter (Ace Ventura Jr) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future).

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