Son’s of Anarchy Season 4, Episode 9

So now with Chibs on his side will Juice get through this whole scinerio alive? He previously tried to hang himself but was unsuccessful. Chibs found him trying to hide the chains and took him back to the clubhouse. They spoke to Jax but he was reassured by Juice that is was just the pressure of being in prison all that time and what had happened.Chibs is looking out for him and sympathizes with his situation, he tells Jax that he went through something somewhat similar.

Tara is in her office taking care of some things before she heads off to Oregon for the confrence for work. She is taking both boys with her and is going to interview for a position there. Jax and Tara talked of it the night before and decided that she would go there and when he could get out he would meet up with them there, it would be the safest thing to do. She talked to her hospital administrator Margaret who had reported the death threat to the police. She had asked Margaret to keep ahold of the letters and give them to either Jax or Piney, unaware what had happened to Piney. When she went to retrieve them from her desk drawer she realized that the letters that she had copied and put inside a manilla envelope had been replaced with plain paper and put back in the drawer. She automatically assumed that it was Gemma.

Gemma had been at the clubhouse feeding the men breakfast as they had church. She asked Opie if he had seen his father and he indicated that he hadn’t. Clay didn’t say anything but wasn’t trying to hide anything either. They had been talking about the niners, and realized they hadn’t spoken to them for a while. One of the Irish had called and gotten ahold of Chibs, he is planning on coming to the states to meet with the Cartel for their guns need. Gemma takes it upon herself to call and check on Piney but gets no answer.

Once Gemma arrives at Piney’s she soon finds out why she got no answer when she called. I thought by looking at the previews last week that for sure it had to be Opie who found his dad.I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was in fact Gemma who found him and it seemed that she was more mad at him for a brief moment than she was with Clay and she knew immediately that it was his doing. She did what she always does and she called Wayne who always seems to have to clean up the clubs messes. And this time was no different, he told her to let him take care of it and to go ahead and go. However he does tell her that Clay cannot be allowed to continue or the next one that would be to go would be Tara. Gemma convinces Wayne that she can make him come around and see things her way. She would have to deal with Tara later on when she is confronted about the letters.

Otto gets paid a visit by the new pain in the ass investigator Linc Potter. Some people have seen him around town but I don’t think any of them really know who he is exactly. He let Otto know that when Bobby had come in and told him that Luanne’s death had been avenged by the club that it had all been a farce to keep him from blaming Bobby. He asks him to cooperate with them to get the Sons once and for all. Following his meeting with Otto, he heads back to the office so that when Roosevelt brought Juice back to the station he too could have a little talk with him and try to convince him to cooperate as well.

It turns out that two cartel’s are having a big war and the niners are going with the wrong side. But with Jax’s help they were able to keep their calm, and the remaining niners can keep their lives at least for the moment. Bobby has a heart to heart with Jax and lets him know that Clay had promised him the Presidency and he knew that Jax was on his way out too.This just forced Jax to confront Clay and tell him that he knew about his plans that didn’t include what they had originally agreed upon. Ultimately he decided to accompany Tara and the kids to Oregon.

Although he had promised Gemma that he wouldn’t hurt Tara, he put the ball in motion by making the phone call at the end of the episode. I am gonna take a stab in the dark and take a guess but I think just judging by the previews, Jax’s family situation is about to become more dire than anyone had anticipated. Clay didn’t have any idea that she was taking the kids with her let alone Jax. I think that this could be the only thing that could cause Gemma to finally turn on him. We won’t know until next week so tune in will you?

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