Sophie the Giraffe – The Worlds Most Famous Baby Teething Toy

If you ask a new mother about Sophie the Giraffe more than likely she’ll know who you are talking about. This little giraffe has become one of the “must have” items for mothers of infants. Although she is priced at $19.95, most moms agree she is worth the money. Sophie the Giraffe is not your average teether, she stimulates all five senses and is made of all natural ingredients.

Sophie the Giraffe is not a new toy, she was born May 25, 1961. She is a product of France and is made of the highest quality ingredients. You don’t have to fear recalls due to lead paint or other hazards. She is made of 100% Rubber from the hevea tree and is painted with food grade paint, making her safe for your baby to chew. Although her body is soft and easy to hold, her ears, horns, and legs provide plenty of comfort to teething infants.

Sophie not only provides your baby with comfort, she also simulates all five senses. The contrasting colors of her coat provide simulation to your baby’s limited sight. The squeaker will make your little one squeak with pleasure as she simulates hearing and later teaches your baby cause and effect. The taste and smell from the 100% rubber will allow your baby to identify her from other toys. Sophie’ shape and size are perfect for baby’s small hands. She is very light, and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to grip, even from his earliest days. And the smooth feel of the rubber stimulates physiological and emotional response that will soothe your baby.

Although Sophie the Giraffe has a high price tag for a baby teether she really is worth the money. You know that you are getting a safe and well made toy, which is hard to come by. Vulli has and continues to produce Sophie the way that she has been made for 61 years. It is a highly guarded process that involves more than fourteen manual operations. With more than 30 million sold, they must be doing something right.

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