Souls Drive as Spirits Drown

With sword and word we shape the world
We wage war for land, and create famine for control
The rich eat well while the starved die curled
The serpent’s head eats it’s tail, and the cycle is whole

We wait for the bus while the driver contemplates reasons he should die
We stand under umbrellas as it rains, as he drives with inside him a storm
Letting us off at each stop and on time, when the vehicle’s empty he can’t help but cry
The news anchor seems shocked, but it’s really just the world’s everyday norm

Babies are batted and children’s beheaded
But MTV is sure great, especially Jersey Shore
Pretty soon we’ll all have microchips in us embedded
We don’t care if we’re in shackles, so long as life’s not a bore

Reality shifts while we either change or break
Life is a ride, but that still makes it fake

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