Southern Sun Lagos is the Ideal Location for Business Travellers

As Africa’s largest oil producer and most populous country, with about 160 million people, more and more foreign investors are looking to Nigeria for future growth and expansion of their own businesses. The economy is pegged to grow by 10 per cent by 2012.

Nigeria’s former capital city, Lagos, is the commercial and economic hub of the country on the west coast of Africa. It’s no wonder then that Southern Sun Lagos is geared for business travellers wanting to do deals in the city – it has the ideal location near the central business district and government offices.

Southern Sun Lagos aims to be a home away from home, but with a level of sophistication and comfort that encompasses all the amenities expected in a business environment. It begins with meeting rooms, a business centre, executive lounge and wi-fi Internet access via pre-paid vouchers.

Nigeria’s government is focused on building new infrastructure and privatising the power sector and, if successful, will push the country up to that 10 per cent growth point by early 2012.

Oil aside, another big market for the Nigerians is agriculture. The yam is called the “king of crops” by the Igbo people, who honour the tasty tuber at annual festivals in August and September.

Guests at Southern Sun Lagos would enjoy seeing these celebrations as the Igbo people don traditional dress, perform local dances, and participate in masquerades and drumming in village squares.

Nigeria produces 71 percent of the world’s yams. Together with Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Central Africa, Cameroon and Togo these African countries produce more than 94% of the world’s yams.

Southern Sun Lagos caters for conferences too. Frequent guests get extra perks.
If visitors to Lagos have leisure time, there are busy markets to explore and Southern Sun Lagos guests might enjoy the artistic inspiration of batik artist Nike Davies Okundaye. Raised as an Ogidi villager in Western Nigeria, she has an international reputation for her tremendous skill that she is now sharing with young Nigerians through her art centres in Lagos, Oshogbo, Ogidi and Abuja.
The centres also host textile artists, painters, sculptors and drummers as they study a range of traditional and contemporary arts from batik and beadwork to carving and weaving.

There are some interesting live music destinations too. Nightclubs often offer live entertainment, so the locals like to entertain friends and business associates there.

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